The Benefits of Automated Time Keeping

The benefits of using an automated timekeeping system include eliminating costly human error, significantly decreasing the amount of time it takes to collect payroll data, remaining compliant with the state and federal agencies by collecting and keeping accurate time records, and saving money!

Day Cares
Ask parents or older school children to clock in and out so you have accurate records of which kids attended childcare that day and for how long. Also, for additional security, use TODD’s Biometric PrintReader and clock prompts to track the name of the adult who drops the child off in the morning and who picks up in the evening.

Health Service
Use shift differentials to pay a rate premium based on the hours worked. You can also use the “yesterday” or “tomorrow rule” to appropriately reflect shifts that cross midnight.

Business Services
Use the TODD WebClock for a low-cost, web-based way to track employee in/out time, eliminating the need to purchase a time clock. Employees can also check and approve their time card online, request time off, or review a schedule with the new Employee Self Service portal in Glue.

Retail operations typically have young, part-time staff that frequently come and go, eliminate punch approximations and “buddy punching” with the TODD Biometric PrintReader and comply with state and federal record keeping requirements. Use scheduling features to set schedules for each of your retail staff members then print the weekly schedule to post in the break room.

TODD makes job costing inexpensive and convenient. Allocate hours to jobs and track employee hours with one or more (inexpensive) time clocks. If the manufacturing environment involves significant dirt or dust, capture employee punches using the size and shape of an employee’s hand (hand geometry) with the TODD HandPunch.

Did you know TODD is integrated with GPS Time Center, a third-party GPS product that ensures your employees are working at the correct job site? You can also use TODD’s telephony Voice Clock solution, the cellular-based TODD FlexClock that sends punch data wirelessly and operates from a portable battery, or allow employees to clock in from a mobile device. Construction sites have even been known to use a vehicle powered adapter or an “outdoor case” to have a time clock on site.

Using TODD, track staff members by function, department, location, or task. Employers can even track piece rates or the number of hotel rooms cleaned by each staff member.

Assisted Living and Home Health Care
Mobile timekeeping allows staff, such as nurses who make house calls, to call in from their patient’s home phone or cell phone to clock in and out using the TODD Voice Clock telephony solution.

Track restaurant staff to the minute to ensure all departments are fully staffed and on time. Use clock prompts to track “tips” collected by servers during their shift, the number of miles caterers drive, or perhaps even the number of tables cleared.

Payroll Masters electronic time and attendance system TimeWorksPlus can be programed to prompt drivers to enter miles driven, stops made, etc. Require employees to clock in and out of breaks and meals. Have supervisors approve time before sending to Payroll Masters. Receive daily automatic email reports showing anomalies.

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