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AB 1513 Back Wage Safe Harbor Payment Deadline is 12/15/16

The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) revised and expanded its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on procedures for making back-wage payments to piece-rate employees who were not properly compensated for rest periods and other non-productive time. Those FAQ reiterated that an employer electing to "buy" the affirmative defense,...

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California AB 1513 Piece-Rate/Safe Harbor FAQs

The California Department of Industrial Relations and the Farm Employers Labor Service (FELS) have published frequently-asked questions (FAQs) and a Fact Sheet about AB 1513, legislation passed in 2015 that became effective on January 1, 2016. FELS frequently-asked questions (FAQs) about AB 1513 DIR AB 1513 Fact Sheet DIR AB...

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Lawsuit filed to invalidate piece-rate safe harbor carve-outs

AB 1513, legislation provides clear guidance to employers using piece-rate compensation and provides a “safe harbor” for employers who did not compensate piece-rate employees as required by 2013 California appellate court decisions in the Bluford and Gonzales cases. Those two cases provided employees had to be compensated...

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