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Independent Contractors May Now Be Employees Under Newly Signed California Law

Governor Newsom has signed a new law, AB 5 extends the Supreme Court’s Dynamex standard that places strict limits on the use of independent contractors for most employers throughout the state. With a few exceptions workers within an employer’s business or industry (or without their...

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CA Labor Commissioner Issues Stop Order and Fines to Santa Rosa Taxi Company for Failure to Carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Worker Misclassification

California Labor Commissioner Julie A. Su announced that Santa Rosa taxi company A-C Transportation Services, Inc., has agreed to settle its $522,300 citation for refusing to provide its 30 drivers with workers’ compensation insurance coverage and for misclassifying them as independent contractors. Owners Kevin and Jennifer...

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Labor Commissioner Gets San Francisco House Cleaning Workers $50,000 Each in Back Pay

The Labor Commissioner Julie A. Su has reached a $265,000 settlement on behalf of five workers who were victims of wage theft while employed at San Francisco-based Marina’s House Cleaning. The employees, who typically worked over 10 hours a day, will receive an average of...

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