San Francisco Votes to Raise the Minimum Wage

San Francisco Votes to Raise the Minimum Wage

Voters in the city of San Francisco have just passed a ballot measure increasing the minimum wage.

San Francisco already has a higher minimum wage than the state minimum wage. However, voters increased the wage to an even higher rate of $15.00 an hour in 2018, with cost of living adjustments thereafter.

The annual adjustment to San Francisco’s existing minimum wage will raise the rate to $11.05 an hour on January 1, 2015. This increase is based on the consumer price index (CPI) and has happened annually since the law went into effect.

Now, with the passage of Proposition J (which passed with more than 76 percent of the vote), San Francisco will see the following wage increases in the near future:

  • 01/01/2015: $11.05
  • 05/01/2015: $12.25
  • 07/01/2016: $13.00
  • 07/01/2017: $14.00
  • 07/01/2018: $15.00
  • July 1st each following year: CPI increases

The measure provides different rates for youth trainees and senior-subsidized employment, both of which will be capped at a rate of $12.25 per hour plus an annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) adjustment.

Visit the City of San Francisco’s website for further details.

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