Napa Chamber Labor Law Seminar – April 20, 2016

This seminar will cover workplace issues involving more than just an “investigation.” Working with employees from the moment they report a situation; to contact with coworkers; to the time a complaint is resolved requires a delicate balance of sensitivity and thoroughness.  Every member of management – from the HR Director to line-level supervisors – should know their company’s policies and practices for investigating workplace issues.

Event Date: April 20, 2016

Time: 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM PDT

Location: Napa Winery Inn, 1998 Trower Avenue • Napa 

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Many laws require formal investigation, such as harassment complaints and industrial accidents.  Other times, employers should investigate complaints or information even when not technically required.  All investigations should follow a similar process ensuring consistency and objectivity.

This presentation covers the traditional role of workplace investigations as well as other times a comprehensive investigation can benefit employers.  We will discuss best practices, guidance provided by EEO agencies, what is expected to show that a situation was investigated properly, and the benefit of a properly conducted workplace investigation.  We will also discuss some common issues facing human resources such as confidentiality, bias and privacy.  Finally, we will  consider the role of investigations in litigation and real-world examples where investigation has helped, and sometimes hurt, employers.

Presenter: Richard Rybicki, a shareholder with Rybicki & Associates, P.C., a Wine Country employment-law firm advising employers on all aspects of labor and employment law. He assists management on workplace issues every day and has represented employers in courts and administrative proceedings throughout the United States.

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