Employers and Coverage Providers: Access IRS Webinars to Learn about ACA Provisions

Employers and health coverage providers have access to newly updated webinars from the IRS.  These recorded webinars explain the employer provisions, information reporting, and related tax requirements that are part of the Affordable Care Act. If you are a business owner, tax manager, employee benefits manager, or health coverage provider, you can access and review these videos on the IRS Video Portal at your convenience.

Each of the following provides detailed information about a specific tax provision to help you better understand HCTT-2016-48how the health care law may affect your organization

Affordable Care Act: Information Reporting by Providers of Minimum Essential Coverage – §6055 – 36 minutes

  • Information reporting for issuers Overview
  • Minimum essential coverage
  • Reporting requirements
  • Forms and other resources


Affordable Care Act: Applicable Large Employers Information Return Requirements for Tax Year 2015 – §6056 – 1 hour

  • Information about filing responsibilities for large employers, private insurers, software developers, transmitters, and government program providers
  • Rules for government entity designation, third party and multi-employer plans
  • Filing extensions and transition relief for 2015


ACA: Employer Shared Responsibility – §4980H – 58 Minutes

  • How to determine if you are considered an applicable large employer
  • What is the definition of a full-time employee
  • Learn about the filing requirements and transition relief for 2015


COMING  SOON:  The ACA Information Returns Corrections Process

Look for this and other ACA webinars on the IRS Video Portal at IRSVideos.gov.

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