DMV Issues List of Documents Needed to Obtain Immigrant Driver’s License

DMV Issues List of Documents Needed to Obtain Immigrant Driver’s License

Today the DMV issued the Lists of Documents Required For New Driver License Under AB 60. U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) approved proposed wording for California’s driver’s license for undocumented persons back in September of 2014.

In developing the list of necessary documents, DMV held public hearings across California and reviewed thousands of public comments and valuable community input. In general, DMV will require fewer documents for proving identity when those documents are very secure and electronically verifiable. For example, the Mexican Passport (issued 2008 or later), Mexican Electoral Card (2013 version), or the Mexican Consular Card (2006 and 2014 versions) are each very secure and electronically verifiable and thus any one of those documents can be used to prove identity.

The regulations also describe a secondary review process for applicants who are unable to produce the documents otherwise required to prove identity. Under that secondary review, applicants must interview with DMV Investigative staff who will attempt to verify the applicant’s identity. California is the first state in the nation to offer a secondary review process for applicants that lack typical identification documents to prove identity.

Under AB 60, a law that was passed last year, the California DMV is required to issue a driver’s license to undocumented persons who can meet certain identity and residence requirements.

AB 60 is scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2015.

State law requires motorists to prove identity and legal presence to obtain a driver license. Under AB 60, motorists who cannot prove legal presence must prove identity and California residency—and pass the required vision test, driver license knowledge test, and the behind-the-wheel drive test—to obtain a license. The regulations posted today list the documents DMV will accept to verify the identity and California residence of future applicants.

DMV encourages applicants to begin gathering the necessary documents and studying the California Driver Handbook available on the DMV webpage at available in multiple languages.

A complete list of birth date/legal presence documents is available at or in the Requirements for a California Driver License/Identification (DL/ ID) Card (FFDL 05) Webpage.

AB 60 specifically provides that the card does not establish eligibility for employment; in other words, I-9 verification.

Source: CA DMV

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