What We Do

Payroll Masters™ provides comprehensive payroll, payroll tax, and human resource services with expertise and affordability that allow you to grow your business while we manage the paperwork.

Founded in 1988, Payroll Masters is a locally owned full service payroll processing and payroll software development company working out of our own 30,000 sq. ft building located in South Napa. Our office is solar powered and we have been green certified since 2008.

Our processors know how to interpret reports correctly and understand the information coming in from our clients. Because of our locality, we know the wine industry intimately and we have multi-state tax specialists on staff.

Our clients range from restaurateurs to construction professionals and accountants to wineries. The cornerstone of our service is only a phone call away. Our payroll specialists are dedicated to giving our clients one-on-one attention. They get the answers you need quickly – without having to repeat yourself. Each payroll specialist is part of a processing group. If your assigned payroll specialist is out of the office for any reason, a back-up specialist will handle your call. This person is either a supervisor who knows your account or another specialist who is part of your processing group.

We have software available for you to input data directly to our systems through a secure site on the Internet. You may also submit payroll data by fax or phone or secure email portal.

Whether you employ someone in your home or run a multi-state business with several hundred employees, Payroll Masters™ delivers appropriate and adaptable payroll solutions. Our expertise, execution and flexibility make us the choice solution for businesses in search of an alternative to their existing Payroll and Payroll Tax Service.

Green Certified and Solar Powered

Our Solar Panel

In 2007 Payroll Masters installed a roof-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) powered energy system which has offset roughly 697,100 lbs. of CO2. We were certified as a Bay Area Green Business in 2008 and continue to make improvements to our systems to reduce waste.

“Becoming Green Certified was an important step to conserving and recycling our natural resources. I believe a successful business is dependent on a healthy environment.”

– David Wildhagen
Owner & President of Payroll Masters

By creating green business practices and clean renewable energy, Payroll Masters has demonstrated a commitment to water and energy conservation, reducing waste and pollution to support a more sustainable future. Learn more about our Paperless Payroll Solutions.

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