Payroll Reports

Payroll Report Package

Each pay period we send you a complete payroll report package. Inside your payroll report package, you’ll find processed payroll checks with check-stub detail reports and your check register, inclusive of all direct deposit transactions; a complete tax report with all federal and state taxes for both employee and employer; a notice of cash needed to cover payroll expenses and tax liabilities; and employee listing worksheets to record your next payroll or go paperless and get all your reports electronically. Bundle and/or un-bundle our service packages to best meet your needs.

Optional reports include: sick/vacation/paid time off, workers’ compensation, 401(k), certified payroll, GL report, and an employee history report. Other customized reports available.

Paperless e-Reports

Payroll Masters is deeply committed to sustainability and we understand how important it is to conserve resources. Our paperless payroll solution replaces paper reports with digital files that can be downloaded, viewed and stored on any compatible device. Secure payroll report files can be emailed to you, your CPA or bookkeeper saving costs for delivery and paper. We also offer e-check and e-billing services for a completely paperless payroll solution.

Masterlink’s™ Report Capabilities

MasterLink’s™ powerful management tools allow you to make quick decisions. Included in MasterLink™ are custom report and integrated query building capabilities with import/export functions. Export check register, labor distribution, 401(k) report, deduction register and new hire report. Information is compatible with general ledger programs accommodating both cash and accrual accounting methods to make balancing your checkbook simple and easy.