Labor Distribution and Cost Allocation

Payroll Masters offers extensive labor tracking and cost allocation services. Track employee labor by hours, dollars, or pieces and distribute them into custom departments, jobs or types defined by you. Get accurate costs, including employer paid taxes and benefits, for each job. These costs tie back to the general ledger report which can be exported to your accounting software. Labor can also be broken down by workers’ compensation classification codes.

Costs associated with your jobs or departments can be tracked through Payroll Masters labor reports. By assigning employees home departments, anytime an employee is paid, the wages are automatically charged to that job (department). Home departments can be overridden at any time and employee wages can be manually split between several jobs in one pay period. Salaried employees can be set-up so their wages are automatically split into multiple default departments.

There are several configurations available to create an almost unlimited number of job codes to track labor costs. The labor reports available show gross wages plus all employer paid taxes, gross wages minus all employee withholdings, or gross wages broken down by types of hours.

Workers’ Compensation

Departments can be associated with workers’ compensation insurance classification codes, producing audit reports that show total wages minus excess overtime to give total subject wages and total premiums due.

General Ledger

Choose to associate your departments with general journal accounts to produce entries for your General Ledger (GL). Ask about Payroll Masters General Ledger Report.

Multiple Departments

Automatically distribute salaries into several default departments by percentages. If you have employees that work the same hours in multiple departments each pay period, Payroll Masters can set-up distributions in their employee file that happen automatically every time they get paid.