Manual Checks

Manual Checks

If you need to give an employee a manual check before payday; such as when an employee has been terminated, resigns or has forgotten to turn in his/her timecard.

Simply call Payroll Masters prior to writing the manual check and request “Manual Check Service”. Your Payroll Specialist will then do the manual check calculations for you through our system and then call, fax, or email the check calculation with the total and all the correct deductions.

You will then write your manual check total based on these calculations from your bank account/accounting system to pay your employee. Because you have requested manual check calculations we must include this manual check in your payroll totals for the following payday, it will be your responsibility to alert us of the manual check.

If you write a manual check and have not already reported your manual check and/or requested us to calculate the employee deduction totals, you MUST do this by your next regular payday so this information is included in your employee’s year-to-date totals for their W-2.

Your employee will receive a non-negotiable manual check voucher that looks like your employee’s regular paycheck, and the check stub will include all the necessary information (as required by law).