Web Clock

Web Clock offers the ease of clocking in and out through a standard web browser. With no software to install and no hardware to maintain, tracking your employee’s punches in real-time has never been more simple.

Web Clock also enables employees to check their time card and/or schedule over the web. Supervisors benefit from the convenience of online access for editing employee time cards from any web-enabled workstation.

Product Overview

Employee Online Access

With Web Clock, employees are able to clock in and out through a standard web browser to record punch times from any authorized computer.

Employees may also record punches through mobile devices that offer a standard web browser.

Finally, Web Clock provides employees the ability to view their time card and/or a schedule, causing employees to be more aware and accountable for their labor hours.

User Experience

Web-based punching is remarkably simple. It takes only seconds to record a punch from the employee’s workstation. Employee punches are immediately sent to the web for real-time administration and reporting.

For convenience, employers can authorize one or many workstations to accommodate employee punching through an IP Address. Web Clock also allows employees to report “tips,” a “department,” and other related punch data gathered through employee clock prompts.


Web Clock offers a convenient but secure method for recording employee punches. Employers benefit from the ability to restrict employee punches to only authorized workstations through an IP Address filter.

Web Clock also protects employees by clearing user credentials between punches.

Backups of employee time rosters occur on a regular schedule and are stored offsite at a secure location.

Product Benefits

Reduce Costs, Add Convenience

Automated timekeeping allows employers to significantly reduce the cost of employee labor while streamlining the difficult task of preparing for payroll. Organizations can minimize both human error and the time required to calculate employee time cards.

No Hardware to Install

Although time clocks can provide important functions and conveniences to organizations who identify a specific need, Web Clock offers a hardware-free experience, saving you from additional cost and time associated with installing a time clock.


Employees can clock in/out with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) number to record time punch data.

Supervisors can then access employee data online in real-time.

Restrict employee punches to only authorized workstations through an IP address filter.

Ethernet Real-time Connectivity