Timekeeping On-the-Go

TimeWorksTUFF includes all the features of TimeWorksTouch in an industrial-style case geared for sites that are not your typical clean and protected offices. Get the same great punch features backed by the leading cloud-based timekeeping service but in a dust/shock/water-resistant shell.

Powerful Interactive Screen

Clock Lockout

Matched Punches

Meal and Break Tracking

Job Transfers

The best timekeeping services with an interactive clock! Features include employee state awareness to eliminate missed and unmatched punches and clock lockout for schedule enforcement. Accurately track meals and breaks and easily calculate job or department costs with prompted transfer options.


Outdoor Industrial Use

Carry TimeWorksTUFF with you from job site to job site or locate it on the factory floor. Collect punches without plugging clock in with DC power adapter. TimeWorksTUFF can even collect and store punches while offline and upload them when you are reconnected to the network

  • Industrial-style soft case
  • Screen protector
  • Authenticate with fingerprint, prox or PIN
  • 7-inch, color LCD touchscreen
  • Wi-fi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Battery with charger and cables
  • 6,000 unique fingerprint users capacity
  • 8.75 x 5.3 x 2 (WxHxD)

All your timekeeping data is collected into a single, cloud-based online account, making it easy to access, edit, approve and export. TimeWorksPlus integrates with your favorite time clocks, across all your locations.


TimeSimplicity integrates with TimeWorksPlus, employee setup, punches, schedules and payroll information are all shared between the two platforms to ensure your workforce is properly managed, securing your bottom line.