Time Clocks

Increase employee accountability and productivity by eliminating “buddy punching” and reducing late arrival/early departures.


Web Clock

IP filter restrictions lock down access on selected devices creating authorized web clocks for employees to easily clock in/out on through the internet.


TimeWorks Mobile

Track employees’ attendance on-the-go with the TimeWorks Mobile application for both iOS or Android. Now with Pinpoint GPS.



An intelligent, interactive touch-screen clock with fingerprint and prox reader support! Wifi enabled, battery backup and off-line mode.


Biometric PrintReader™

Employees press their thumb against the Biometric PrintReader™ or manually enter their employee PIN number to clock in and out.


Proximity Card Reader

Employees swipe their key fob or manually enter their employee PIN number to clock in and out. Real-time Ethernet connection.


Swipe Clock

Employees swipe their personal electronic time card, manually enter their employee PIN number or use a Biometric PrintReader™ attachment to clock in/out.

Simplify Your Job