TimeWorksPlus offers small to medium sized companies an online time and attendance system that can grow with the needs of your business across a variety of industries.

With TimeWorksPlus employers can cut administrative time, reduce human error and control labor costs by eliminating estimated punch times and manual calculations. If you have several branches or locations, TimeWorksPlus enables you to connect multiple time clocks to the same network. Conveniently access records immediately online and eliminate paperwork. Create and export timekeeping data and upload to your payroll software. With MasterLink™ you can import this data instantly with one click. TimeWorkPlus ACA Work Month/Week Reports and Hours Alerts help employers with ACA reporting requirements. TimeWorksPlus powerful features will help long-term nursing facilities stay compliant with Payroll-Based Journal reporting.

Manage Your Workforce

TimeWorksPlus can manage both simple and more advanced account features. Based on your needs, your employees’ time cards may simply display “in” and “out” times or contain a variety of labor data.

Employee Management

View and sort list of active and inactive employees. Assign multiple pay rates and match to departments. Automatically populate hours on timecards for tracking salaried employees and labor segments. Assign automatic employee lunch deduction. Edit multiple time cards simultaneously.

Labor Distribution

Track and report total labor hours and earnings by job, department, shift and/or task. Custom tracking for tips, bonuses, commissions, pay rates, etc. Custom pay types/categories. Automate overtime calculations and tracking.


Quickly view approved employee time cards, see missing punches and total hours for the pay period. Track time card edits, deletions and approvals. View employees in/out status, current job code, department, location at a glance.

ACA Compliance Features

Quickly determine your current and ongoing “large employer” classification status. Manage employee hours in advance to avoid exposure.

Work Week and Month Reports

With ACA compliant Work Week and Work Month Reports employers can quickly calculate their count of full time employees, Full Time Equivalents (FTE’s), and non-full-time employees for ACA Reporting. View and export report capabilities.

Hours Alerts

Manage employee hours in advance to avoid exposure with the Hours Alert feature. Get alerts to determine when part-time employees will cross over 28 hours, 30 hours, or another pre-defined count of hours per week.


Sample Work Week Report and Hours Alerts

Payroll-Based Journals (PBJ)

TimeWorksPlus offers long-term nursing facility providers a way to regularly collect mandated staffing data required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).


The TimeWorksPlus system offers a multitude of built-in checks and balances so you can verify employee hours of service and minimize disputes. Your timekeeping records will be accurate down to the minute. Track hours by group, location, employment status, job code, task and department. Be sure you’re meeting CMS reporting requirements and minimize your risk of penalties with TimeWorksPlus!