Advanced scheduling made simple.


Take scheduling beyond calendars and spreadsheets

TimeSimplicity is an advanced (but still easy-to-use) scheduling application that eliminates overstaffing and reduces overtime. TimeSimplicity is available with TimeWorksPlus and other timekeeping products. Contact Payroll Masters to find out how to upgrade.


Powerful Collaboration Features

TimeSimplicity’s email and text collaboration feature immediately notifies an employee of the status of any open shift trades they may have initiated, whether it’s been approved or declined. It also lets them know of any open shifts that are available to work. Employees may reply to supervisors immediately, creating a stronger, and much quicker way of how employers and employees communicate with one another. Employers no longer have to chase paper trails or track messy trade request forms.

Workforce Coordination

  • Identify employees by professional certifications, location and experience.
  • Automated internal notifications.
  • View schedule and time-off requests.

Savings with Automation

  • Quickly identify gaps in coverage.
  • Eliminate overstaffing and reduce overtime.
  • Quickly notify employees of open shifts.
  • Automated email and text collaboration.

Easy to Use

  • Drag, drop and copy time slots.
  • Employees can pick up, swap, or drop shifts with manager approval.
  • Color-coded interface identifies workgroups.