Online Payroll

Control your payroll with integrated state-of-the-art systems.

Payroll Master’s online payroll solution MasterLink™  is an advanced tool that gives you instant access to all your payroll records for fast and easy payroll processing. With MasterLink™  you enter employee hours/dollars and import time card totals each pay period then process your payroll from any computer’s browser. Our payroll specialists review your MasterLink™  data before it’s processed and are available to guide you through your payroll, with the option of printing your own payroll checks.

Human Resources & Data Services

MasterLink™ will help you organize employee records and track labor costs by department. Choose salary information, benefit plan contributions; compensation planning, performance appraisal management; equal opportunity/ ADA compliance, absence management; emergency contacts and other essential HR data sets; and detailed labor distribution, job costing, workers’ compensation, general ledger reporting and export capabilities.

Report Capabilities

MasterLink’s™ powerful reporting tools allow you to make quick decisions.

View and export standard payroll reports on-demand, including check register, labor distribution, 401(k), deduction register and new hire report.

Generate your own custom payroll reports based on search parameters you define, and export as a spreadsheet.

Reports are compatible with general ledger programs accommodating both cash and accrual accounting methods.

Additional Features

Available accounting software interface, with multiple user access.

Import your time from TODD or from AgCode to generate payroll.

System eliminates redundant data entry and features multiple levels of security.