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Get your Paid Sick Leave and Affordable Care Act questions answered!

Payroll Masters HR Support Center is a website where, once logged in, you will have instant access to HR advice and tools. Download an employee handbook template, job descriptions, customizable letters and salary reports. Stay-up-to-date on all required postings and federal and state laws. Listen to HR podcast recordings, training videos and links to the latest HR and small business news. The HR Support Center website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

**Upgrading to HR On-Demand is easy, once logged in to the HR Support Center ask HR professionals your most urgent HR questions.

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HR Support Center Features

Put these tools into immediate action to help your business grow and protect it from costly lawsuits and audits.

Up-to-the-minute content & insight.

Visit the News Desk for the latest law changes and other alerts. You get insight into trending HR topics with real questions and answers from our HR Pros.

Minimum Wage map.

Wondering if the minimum wage has changed in your state? Use our handy Minimum Wage map to find the answer and quickly compare that to other states.

Content organized by HR Topic.

Easily find the content related to a specific HR Topic — laws, articles, checklists, HR Casts, and more — all on a single page.

Follow, favorite, and rate content.

Easily keep track of content you use the most by following and favoriting it. You’ll be notified whenever that content changes. You can also rate content so we know what’s valuable to you.

Looking for more! An HR Consultant can determine your Paid Sick Leave and Affordable Care Act Compliance. Contact Payroll Masters for a custom one-on-one HR Audit.